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Pay lower fees and get premium benefits when you invest $5k+ across your Sayvins accounts.



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What's in Here?

Commission-free stock trading. 1.5 million people use Sayvins to buy and sell stocks. Join them and get a free stock to start your portfolio.

Start building your custom portfolio

Invest your money in the volatility of cryptocurrency markets, own shares in Production and Logistics industry all over the world, this is a business model with 95% profit rate, all thanks to our research team at Sayvins.

Go on all those expensive vacations and even live your dreams at our cost. let us do all that chores while your assets portfolio gets greener Choose Sayvins. Stay $BOSS

Save your time and money by choosing Sayvins as your Investment Company.

Pay lower fees

Deposit more, pay less. When you net $5000 or more in deposits across your accounts, your Sayvins account management fee drops to only 0.4%.

Maximize your tax efficiency

Get a break on your taxes with access to tax-efficient features like tax-loss harvesting and tax-efficient funds.

Meet with your expert financial advisor

Set up financial planning session with one of our advisors and get advice to help you meet your financial goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form.

If you're new to Sayvins, you can unlock access to the self Employed plan by signing up and funding your account with $5000 or more. If you're an existing client, once your net deposits reach $5000 you'll automatically be eligible for the self employed plan and be charged lower fees. We'll send you an email within a week of you crossing the $5000 mark with more details about the perks..

To qualify for a Self Employed, you must have $5000 or more in net deposits in Sayvins accounts. As long as your net deposits are over $5000, you'll keep your plan status, regardless of what the markets do..

Your self Employed plan comes with the perk of goal-based financial planning with one of our experienced portfolio managers. Get in touch anytime at to get advice or set up a planning call.

To qualify for a Self Employed Plan, you must have $5000 in net deposits in Sayvins accounts. If you make a withdrawal that brings your net deposits below $5000, you'll lose your status.